Ältaren - Malmköping

Ältaren is a small lake located approx. 1 km east of Björndammen on road 55 between Malmköping and Strängnäs. The water is a bit brown due to a little humus (dissolved plants).

The spontaneous nude beach is situated about 20 km north of Malmköping and 22 km south of Strängnäs.

Park your car some 75 meter from road 55. The exit is to the right coming from Malmköping in a slope slowly turning to the left. The exit road is quite steep and ends on a small plain where you may park the car. It is about 200 meter from the car park to the beach along a footpath.

There are three small places, each well suited for a family or two, 30 to 50 m apart. If one is occupied by textile bathers, you still have two more options.
There is one to your left when you arrive at the lake. That is the best: large flat rock with easy access to the water. The middle one is straight ahead. It is also a rock beach but with slightly more difficult access to the water. The third beach is to your right (+ 75 meter) between the pines with easy access to the water and with a pebble bottom.

No conveniences at all. Please bring your garbage back home.