Trumöbadet - Mullhyttan/Örebro

Trumön beach is located on a peninsula in the northern end of the lake Multen about 6 km north of Mullhyttan and 40 km west of Örebro along road 204.

The beach is owned and run by the naturist association NF Bergslagens Solsport. The nude beach is open to public provided they behave in a naturistic way.

Large open spaces on the lawn between high birches. The shallow sand beach transforms to a little more muddy consistency further out. This is a great place for kids. There is a BBQ and tables with fixed benches. There is also a dust bin and a lavatory. However, there is no fresh drinking water.

It is allowed to put up a small tent for a day or two. Please inform the association before you arrive.

Phone +46 73 642 5282 NF Bergslagens Solsport at Gustavsberg Camping for more information, or write to:

NF Bergslagens Solsport
Box 86, SE-713 22 Nora, Sweden

Se also NF Bergslagens Solsport