Yngsjö - Kristianstad

Yngsjöbadet is an official nude beach located about 2,5 km from Yngsjö at the bay of Hanö (Hanöbukten) at the Baltic in a wildness sanctuary.

The beach is owned and operated by Kristianstad municipality.

Yngsjöbadet is also known by its other name: "Gropahålet".

It is about 500 meters from the car park to the beach. If you arrive by bus you will have a 2,5 km long walk to the beach.

This is a very long and shallow sand beach. Beware of strong under-currents when the waves go high.

It is a very nice beach for children when the weather is good. There is a toilet and a dust bin at the beach. No tap water.

It is about 2 km to the nearest (textile) camping, Byvägens Camping, L32.

55.862777, 14.240789

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