Smithska Udden - Göteborg

Official nude beach at the southern end of the peninsula Näset in the southern part of Gothenburg.

 Take bus line 92 to the terminal Näset or park you car at the car park at the end of Smithska vägen. It can be very difficult to find a space for the car on a sunny day!

It is about 200 meters to walk from the car park to the nude beach. If you come by bus it is about 15 minutes to walk.

It is actually two different beaches of which one is official, Stensholmen (the western one), and one is frequently used by people who have no bathing-suit. The border towards the texitile part of the cliffs are not well defined.

Both beaches are rock/cliff beaches, not suited for small children. Toilets and dust bins are available at the textile beach a few hundred meters away.

Sometimes men are over-represented on the beach. This may be embarrassing to the few women visiting the beach. The beach has also a reputation of occasional activities which makes in unsuited for children and which has very little to do with naturism.

However, the cliffs and the water are wonderful. The access to the sea is by means of ladders.