Hoøya - Steinkjer

Official, signposted free beach in Hoøya public recreational area in Steinkjer, approximately 8 km from the center of Steinkjer.

The beach is not well suited for children, but there are smooths rocks and possibilities for swimming..

Leave E-6 just north of Steinkjer, direction Sør-Beitstad (signposted Sør-Beitstad). After approximately 7-8 km, go left following the sign for Hoøya. After approximately 500 meters, you will arrive at a road bar. There are parking lots in the area next to the road bar. Follow the footpath, passing the bar and the toilets, and walk onto the island. By high water, your feet may get a little wet. The free beach is at the northern side of the footpath, about 150 meters from where you enter the island.