Skutberget - Karlstad


Skutberget is located at the Lake Vänern, about 7 km from Karlstad. It is now an unofficial beach, after its status as official was terminated 2005.

Karlstad municipality has decided to not to operate this official free beach any longer. However, it is still functioning as a regular nude beach.  

Park the car at the car park at the texitile Skutbergets Camping. Walk past some old toilets to the right to the training track and follow this 200 - 300 meter until thare are some cliffs and a signpost telling that it is forbidden to let dogs stay or play at the beach.

There is also a bench and a dust bin. You have arrived. The nude beach is about 250 meters long.

On a sunny day there are several people there without any clothes.

Come and enjoy the sun and the water!